R.S. Express is a full-service global logistics provider. We are licensed customs brokers, international freight forwarders and logistics professionals. Our staff holds licenses and certificates from U.S. Customs, the Federal Maritime Commission and the International Air Transport Association/CNS. We are also members of the Certified Transportation Network, National Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association of America, the International Warehouse Logistics Association and many other international trade associations. We pride ourselves on our knowledge base and our ability to leverage that knowledge into efficient and accurate professional logistics services for our customers.

At R.S. Express, you will have one point of contact for your critical air and ocean shipments. Acting as an extension of your company, we provide knowledgeable, informed and efficient service. We work with you to identify your essential needs. We believe in the personal touch – we answer the phone, not an automated attendant. You reach us right away, without delay. Your urgency is our urgency.

At R.S. Express, one of our core beliefs is that we succeed by helping our customers achieve their goals. We help you succeed by treating you honestly, fairly and by working for you efficiently, intelligently and reliably. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers. For 30 years, we have successfully provided innovative supply chain solutions for your transportation and distribution needs. We invite you to read some of our case studies.

Case Studies

Order Fulfillment

An Australian dental products manufacturer needed a supply chain partner who could provide real-time for pick and pack services to match its dental office customers’ requirements. In working with us, the manufacturer was able to control its marginal costs by matching our supply chain resources to its business needs.  We incurred the fixed costs of labor and warehousing instead of the manufacturer during slower times in their business cycle. In outsourcing its pick and pack services to us, we successfully reduce the manufacturers’ overhead and efficiently deliver their products to their customers to their complete satisfaction.

Storage and Light Assembly

A German Road Construction Equipment manufacturer experienced a high damage rate during the loading and unloading of shipments with its previous partner. We designed and fabricated a unique armature which allowed forklifts to move the machine quickly and easily. The new armature virtually eliminated the number of damaged units and enabled the manufacturer to deliver its units to their customers without the use of special vehicles.

Receiving and Order Distribution

A Middle Eastern beverage bottler was having significant line-down problems. Its’ suppliers were not following shipping instructions, preparing documents properly, and shipping products in a timely manner. We took over their supply chain function and complied with mandated order requirements and processed all orders. In also acting as the customer’s shipping agent, we interacted with suppliers and required them to submit all orders through us to ensure that packaging was correct. We also alerted the end-user customers to the receipt of goods and met all customer shipment requirements. This enabled our customer to provide excellent service to their customers and increased end-user customer satisfaction.