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Warehousing: From Just In Time to Just In Case


The post-pandemic frame of mind has shifted, primarily where cargo, inventory, and manufacturing are concerned, from Just-In-Time to Just-In-Case. As we learned over the last READ MORE

Warehousing: From Just In Time to Just In Case2022-12-01T23:21:34+00:00

Break Check: Rail Issues Continue


The Journal of Commerce (JOC) reports that rail giant BSNF’s on time performance was up from only an estimated near 60% to a much improved READ MORE

Break Check: Rail Issues Continue2022-10-31T18:06:51+00:00

The Next Wave to Combat Ocean Emissions


It is estimated that 90% of most companies’ greenhouse gas emissions are from the supply chain.    With US Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Green READ MORE

The Next Wave to Combat Ocean Emissions2022-09-21T17:01:04+00:00

Rail prepares for a possible strike


In preparation for a possible strike starting on Friday, September 16th, Class 1 railroads have started a cooling-off period designed to ease the transition to READ MORE

Rail prepares for a possible strike2022-09-13T17:54:56+00:00

Peak Season Delays


Ocean rates are down from historic highs, but as we roar through Peak Season, the demand for container throughput is still greater than the US READ MORE

Peak Season Delays2022-09-01T11:50:28+00:00

California Dreaming: Warehouse Space


“We’re feeling the sting of the bullwhip,” says Alan Amling, of the Global Supply Chain Institute at the University of Tennessee. However, it’s about to READ MORE

California Dreaming: Warehouse Space2022-08-12T18:50:45+00:00

Port of Oakland Reopens Post Protests


The ninth busiest port in the world, the Port of Oakland, has been reopened following picketing and protesting over California’s largely contested “gig law” AB5 READ MORE

Port of Oakland Reopens Post Protests2022-07-30T00:06:53+00:00
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