Bipartisan Support for Supply Chain Relief


Lawmakers have reintroduced a bipartisan bill to boost the US trucking industry. The bill, known as The Strengthening Supply Chains Through Truck Driver Incentives Act, READ MORE

Bipartisan Support for Supply Chain Relief2023-04-28T19:16:41+00:00

Cybersecurity, Digitization, & You


The hot topics in logistics at the moment are digitization and automation. In a market roundtable, Rick Watson, founder and CEO of New York-based RMW READ MORE

Cybersecurity, Digitization, & You2023-03-22T15:30:56+00:00

Warehouse Crunch 2023


Are you ready for the warehouse space crunch coming in 2023? Warehousing is a critical part of the logistics industry and, unfortunately, it looks like READ MORE

Warehouse Crunch 20232023-03-01T19:10:30+00:00

Find Supply Chain Resiliency with RS


Many companies have turned to supply chain resiliency as a way to protect themselves in times of crisis. This means sourcing new suppliers and creating READ MORE

Find Supply Chain Resiliency with RS2023-01-27T16:55:06+00:00

Declining Export Rates from China


It appears that the world's appetite for Chinese exports has hit a wall. According to Investopedia and The Loadstar, export rates from China have been READ MORE

Declining Export Rates from China2022-12-21T21:52:03+00:00

An Eye on the Atlantic


As a 3PL partner, we are closely monitoring the trans-Atlantic trade lane for any potential rate collapses. Recently, carriers have been shifting surplus capacity from READ MORE

An Eye on the Atlantic2022-12-16T22:59:54+00:00

Warehousing: From Just In Time to Just In Case


The post-pandemic frame of mind has shifted, primarily where cargo, inventory, and manufacturing are concerned, from Just-In-Time to Just-In-Case. As we learned over the last READ MORE

Warehousing: From Just In Time to Just In Case2022-12-01T23:21:34+00:00
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