Customs Clearance Services

Proper customs clearance can often mean the difference between making a profit- or not. As licensed customs brokers, we navigate the intricacies of international trade and offer guidance with import regulations.  As part of our customs clearance service offering, we monitor all changes in restrictions and regulations and can help you to obtain the necessary permits, certifications, and licenses for your shipments to limit your exposure to penalties and delays.

Our experienced brokers identify what regulations apply to the contents of your shipment and will engage with government agencies such as the FDA, ATF, and FCC on your behalf. We can also assist you with any post-entry changes that may need to be made for import regulation compliance.

We will determine if the commodity being shipped qualifies for duty drawback. We can file necessary claims to help you recover funds. We will also determine if the goods qualify for preferential treatment under any Free Trade Agreements or the Generalized System of Preferences and can offer guidance for compliance.

Trade Consulting

We consistently monitor constantly changing customs regulations and can help you with the classification and valuation of goods. We offer review of your current customs documentation to determine your degree of compliance to significantly lower your exposure to penalties and reduce time-in-transit.

Letter of Credit Review

Our licensed and highly experienced customs brokerage staff will review your Letters of Credit to ensure that your company meets terms and conditions and has the proper documentation. We will work with you to ensure that your shipments get released and cleared on time. This will lessen your exposure to penalties and time in transit, ultimately increasing your customer satisfaction.

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