Global specialized partner network dedicated to the wine logistics  industry.

If you’re a wine importer, RS Express is the top of the list of freight forwarders – responsive, diligent, AND they communicate. What a difference! – CEO, Fine Wine Importer

Customs Brokerage & FDA Service

Strategically positioned in northern California, many wine importers and exporters rely on RS Express as their global wine logistics partner. Our licensed freight forwarders and customs brokers have over 20 years of experience in the wine logistics industry with extensive knowledge of food and drug release, including prior notice. We will accurately classify your products, pre-clear your wine shipments with Customs, and file prior notice on your behalf to ensure that your shipment moves as quickly as possible and to limit your exposure to penalties and delays. As part of our wine logistics service offering, we can arrange temperature-controlled containers and warehousing to ensure your shipment is delivered in premium condition.

Certified Transportation Network

Our membership in the CTN Group, a global network of freight forwarders and customs brokers with hundreds of offices in over 55 countries, positions us to deliver hands-on wine logistics services and local know-how in each market. We are able to provide service from every major wine producing country.

Ocean Freight for Wine Import and Export Shipments

Ocean freight offers the most economical method of transportation. Some shippers choose to move a portion of their shipment by air and the rest by sea to maximize transit-time and transportation cost options.

With the help of our foreign partners and CTN Group members, we provide competitive rates for 20’, 40’, 40’ Reefer container service departing from all major wine ports in the world.

Temperature-Controlled Shipping Options

Some wine shipments require temperature-controlled options while the wine is in transit via truck, railroad, ship, airplane, or while its being stored in a warehouse. RS Express offers temperature-controlled containers for full container loads. Full container loads provide the most temperature-controlled option as it limits the amount of times the container is opened, reducing the amount of times the wine is exposed to warm air.

Also, available upon request are thermal blankets and container liners, such as Envirotuff™ Container Liners. Container liners protect wine and other temperature-sensitive goods from fluctuations that occur during transportation. The production of wine is a very specific and practiced process. Therefore, it is worth protecting the wine during its transport can prevent damaged products, lost sales, and lost faith in your brand.

Track & Trace

You will be able to track your cargo via web and e-mail forwarding services to keep you updated on each movement from winery door to U.S. Warehouse.

Warehousing & Consolidation Service

Given that some wine shipments are temperature and time sensitive in nature, RS Express minimizes the time it take to move your products through the supply chain. RS Express provides a streamlined wine logistics service offering that protects the integrity of your products. We have warehousing and consolidation partnerships specifically for shipping within the wine industry. We are also able to arrange specialized trucking service with refrigerated trucks to avoid exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations.

Air Freight Service

Air freight offers the fastest transit-times for urgent needs. We will arrange air freight transportation with direct service from all major airlines in secured and temperature- controlled units for either a few cases or several pallets to accommodate your wine logistics needs.

Auctioned Wines

We work with many auction houses to provide secure transport of auctioned items from the auction house to the buyer. We specialize in providing consolidation and packaging services to ensure safe and reliable transport as part of the auctioned product’s cost.

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